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High - speed elevator integrated video cable

  • 2017-05-09 14:55:46


For high-speed elevator video monitoring system to connect the elevator camera and video surveillance equipment, and transmit video surveillance image signal made up with imported tensile materials and the production of three special soft external protection, with effective cost and good quality.

2、product standard

Industry standard Q/T 8734.6-2012


integrated video cable

4. Installation Precautions

A.Elevator dedicated video cable installation shall be hanged at random before using it, and twisted fully (to avoid cable tie and wave twist)

B.The dedicated cable in the elevator shall be fixed after stripping the steel cord and should bear its own weight and running force of the cable

C. The two steel rope in elevator dedicated video cable shall maintain symmetrical tension after the separation of two steel ropes. The gap between the tension and the average deviation should be less than 5%

D. When installing the cable, weld, desoldering shall not appear in the cable video and power interface, and it should be fixed stably.

  General elevator running speed:1.75M/S,2.5M/S

 High-speed elevators running speed:≥4M/S

Super high speed elevator running speed:5M/S,6M/S,9M/S 

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