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HSYV Unshielded twisted pair

  • 2017-05-09 14:49:23

 1 Application

The wiring between the communication terminal and the patch panel in the building communication and integrated wiring system, and the wiring between the terminal and the patch panel in the communication terminal of the residential integrated line system.

2 Product standard

National standard YD/T 1019-2001

3 Product manual

Conductor: Solid copper conductor with 99.96% oxygen-free copper purity, and the diameter is 24AWG, about 0.51mm

Insulation: HDPE(high-density PE material)

         The elongation at break of insulation≥300%

Core: Four twisted cores(four pairs)

Chromatography:blue/blue white、orange/orange white

              Green/green white、brown white

Sheath: regular sheath with 70℃ flame retarded PVC

Characteristics of male resistance:100Ω

4 Technique parameters


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