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Which 7 subsystems is integrated wiring system made up of?

  • 2017-05-22

1. The working area system 2. Distribution Subsystem 3. Backbone Subsystem 4. campus subsystem 5. Equipment Room 6. Telecommunications Room 7. Inlet room

1、The working area system: Its also called service area subsystem. It consists of Jumper Information Socket Module and terminal equipment. Information socket has many types such as wall type and ground type.

2、Distribution Subsystem: Its also called horizontal backbone subsystem or horizontal subsystem.

It shall consist of Jumper Information Socket Module in working area, wiring cable in information socket module and FD, wiring equipment, equipment cable and jumper in equipment room, etc.

3、Backbone Subsystem: Its also called vertical subsystem or trunk subsystem. It is a part of whole generic cabling system for buildings and campus, and it offers backbone cable to campus. It is composed of trunk cable between equipment room and telecommunication room, building wiring equipment, cable and jumper in equipment room.  It is in function of connecting the subsystems between the telecommunication and equipment room, usually it uses cable or unshielded twisted Pair.

4、campus subsystem: It makes up connect several backbone cables among buildings, wiring equipment in cable campus and equipment cable and jumper.

5、Equipment room: Its a place used to manage web and exchange information in each building and proper sites. For the design of integrated wiring system, it is mainly responsible for equipping building wiring equipment, such as telephone switches, computer mainframe equipment, entrance facilities. It also could be installed with wiring equipment.

6. Telecommunications Room: It is also called administration subsystem. Its made up of cross-linking, interconnection and I/O. Administration subsystem offers the methods to other subsystems , also connects the backbone system and distribution system. It main bears on Patch panels, hubs, switches and cabinets, power supplies.

7. Inlet room: Its also called inlet room subsystem. It is the entrance of the buildings outside information and information pipeline. It could be used as the installation place for entrance equipment and campuss wiring equipment.



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