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What is a telephone communication system?

  • 2018-04-26
 What is a telephone communication system?



Telephone communication system is composed of three parts: user switching equipment, transmission system and user terminal equipment.


One: user switching equipment

Subscriber switching equipment are mainly telephone exchanges, which are special equipment to connect the lines of communication between telephone users. With the help of the exchanges, one subscriber telephone can dial any other subscriber telephone, so that the information exchange can be completed in a very short time.
Two:transmission system
According to transmission medium, the transmission system is divided into wired transmission (open line, cable, optical fiber, etc.) and wireless transmission (short wave, microwave relay, satellite communication, etc.).
Cable transmission is divided into analog transmission and digital transmission according to the mode of information transmission.
①Analog transmission is the conversion of information to a current analogue of its corresponding size, such as the use of analog language information for general telephone transmission
②Digital transmission is to transform information into digital signal according to pcm mode, one of the digital coding, which has the following advantages, including strong anti-interference, high confidentiality, easy integration of circuit and small size of equipment.
Three: user terminal equipment
The user terminal equipment mainly refers to the telephone, and now many new devices are added, such as the fax machine, the computer terminal and so on.
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