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Example sharing -----A office building of a certain Procuratorate (5-5)

  • 2018-03-16
It stands as the the next part of the last article ”Example sharing of the design method of integrated wiring------A office building of a certain Procuratorate (5-4)”. I hope you can read this chapter with more care, for it is the most important chapter.
Among its five parts, the system design of workplace will be the last part about which we will together talk today.
5: the system design of workplace
The workspace subsystem is an area extending from a horizontal system user information socket to a data terminal device, which consists of connecting cables and an adapter.
The wiring of the working area adopts embedment method. The cable is inserted into the PVC pipe slot, or into the floor cushion, or into the wall, and the bottom box is embedded directly into the wall. The information socket should be located near the desk and should be equipped with a corresponding power outlet for each information point.
Because of the need to connect two networks separately, the number of information points in each office should be increased by 1-2 points as appropriate, so as to ensure that each office has 3-6 information points and not less than 2-4 points are laid per 10㎡. The information socket panel can use 2 holes or 4 holes to facilitate users to switch between different networks.
According to the actual situation of office environment in the building, the subsystem of workplace, in this planning, employs modules of CAT5E to connect terminal computer equipment in order to meet the application requirements of data transmission in the present or future. Considering the security of the office network, two sets of physically isolated networks are installed in the building, so two information sockets are installed in each office and conference room in the building, and a module of CAT5E is installed in each socket. In order to make it easier for office personnel to distinguish between two different network access sockets, a clear mark should be attached to the sockets.
In order to configure a telephone interface in each office, a RJ-11 telephone module should be equipped in the office, and then be installed in one of the information sockets, sharing a socket with the module RJ-45 of computer network interface. In order to distinguish the type of socket, an obvious telephone sign should be affixed to the telephone interface. All information sockets installed in the office shall be more than 30cm from the ground. The information sockets shall be fitted with panels carrying double-hole belt and dust-proof covers which are in accordance with the national standard of 86 series.
According to the demand analysis, there are only five information points in the cable TV system of the building, which are distributed in the leadership office and conference room. Therefore, a CATV TV socket must be installed in the leadership office and conference room.
In order to ensure the safety of the building, a color camera, equipped with an electric zoom lens and a pan-tilt, should be installed in passageway and review room of each floor, so that the camera can carry on the omnidirectional video surveillance work under the control of the monitor personnel.
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