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Example sharing -----A office building of a certain Procuratorate (5-4)

  • 2018-03-09
It stands as the the next part of the last article ”Example sharing of the design method of integrated wiring------A office building of a certain Procuratorate (5-3)”. I hope you can read this chapter with more care, for it is the most important chapter.
Among its five parts, the subsystem design of equipment room will be the fourth part about which we will together talk today.
The subsystem of equipment room stands as the centralized equipment area for connecting public equipment in the system (such as LAN switches, network servers, building automation and security systems, and connecting to management subsystems through trunk subsystems).
The subsystem of equipment room is the place where trunk cables of the data and the voice in the building terminate, cables from the building group enter the terminal of the building as well as all kinds of data, voice, mainframe equipment and protection facilities are to be installed. The subsystem of the equipment room is recommended to be located in the middle of the building or on the first or second floor, so that it is close to the elevator and can leave room for future expansion.
Two sets of network switch devices shall be outfitted in the equipment room to provide physically isolated network access to computers within and outside the network, respectively. Main equipment room makes use of convergent switch, while access switches are selected for each floor. The access switch has 1-2 optical fiber interfaces, while the convergent switch has 12-14 optical cable ports which is used to connect the switch inside the building and to connect with the core switch.
According to the structural features of the building, the equipment room is located in the computer management center which is located on the second floor of the office building. The equipment room is outfitted with a 40U standing 19 "standard cabinet in which two 24 Gigabit All-Optical Ethernet switches, one telephone SPC exchange, two IBDN12 port fiber optic distribution frames, one IBDN250 wire pair BIX arrangement frame and other equipment are installed.
Two sets of computer network systems on each floor are connected to the two optical fiber distribution frames within the cabinets in the equipment room through different main optical cables, and then connected to the all-optical port Ethernet switch through the optical fiber jumper.
The main trunk and logarithmic cable terminal of the telephone voice system is connected to the BIX distribution system within the cabinet in the equipment room, and then connected to the telephone SPC port via the jumper.
The main trunk and coaxial cable on each floor is connected to the amplifiers of cable television in the equipment room by distributors.
As the control center of the building video surveillance, the equipment room still calls for a video surveillance console which is equipped with a video matrix switching host, a control keyboard, a 16-screen picture-splitter, a monitor and a time-delay video recorder. The coaxial cables and control cables laid at the monitoring points of each floor shall be properly connected to the equipment on the console. Monitoring staff can monitor the images of all monitoring points through a monitor and control the zoom and movement of the camera by control keyboard.
Tip: in order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment in the equipment room, the anti-static floor become part of the equipment room and floor, equipment casing and cabinet shall be well grounded in the equipment room, and two standing air conditioners with five horsepower are installed in the equipment room to control the temperature and humidity of the equipment room. The necessary fire-fighting facilities shall be installed in the equipment room to meet the fire protection requirements of the equipment. A 10kVA UPS device and a sufficient number of batteries are installed in the equipment room to ensure a steady supply of power to the equipment. 
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