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Example sharing -----A office building of a certain Procuratorate (5-3)

  • 2018-03-06
It stands as the the next part of the last article ”Example sharing of the design method of integrated wiring------A office building of a certain Procuratorate (5-2)”. I hope you can read this chapter with more care, for it is the most important chapter.
Among its five parts, the design of horizontal subsystem will be the third part about which we will together talk today.
3. the design of horizontal subsystem
From floor distribution rooms to user information sockets stands the range of horizontal subsystem. User information sockets, horizontal cables, wiring equipment and other parts constitute the horizontal subsystem. Among integrated wiring, the horizontal subsystem is an important part of computer network information transmission which adopts star topology with each information point connecting to the management subsystem. The workload of construction in the horizontal wiring system is the heaviest among integrated wiring, and it is difficult to transfer after the construction is completed, thus strict construction shall be carried out to ensure the link performance.
The sixth type of unshielded systems is used for horizontal wiring: the maximum horizontal distance is 90m (the cable length from the distribution frame of the management subsystem to the information socket of the workspace subsystem); the total length of the jumper between the workspace subsystem and the subsystem of the management room shall not exceed 10m.
The embedded type and overhead type are respectively used according to whether ceilings are to set in the corridors.
(1)The embedded type
The embedded type means embedding wiring pipes or trunking made of metal or plastic materials (such as galvanized steel pipes or PVC pipes) into the ground cushion and then inserting horizontal cables into the pipes or ends. Along the corridor, the cabling trunking radiates from the distribution room to each workshop. Embedded wiring is applicable to the office building where there exists no ceiling and stand few information points.
(2)The overhead type
The overhead type employs the bridge frame fixed on the roof or the wall as the cable support. Horizontal cables are laid in the bridge frame which can be completely shielded by the decorated ceiling. As the most widely used cabling method currently, the overhead type is suitable for building with ceiling in corridor design.
In order to realize the laying of internal and external network, each office will set up two IBDN1200 series the ultra-five type of shielded twisted pair cables from the information socket to the floor distribution room. An ultra-five shielded twisted-pair cable belonging to the series lBDN1200 is laid connecting the voice phone socket in each office or conference room to the floor distribution room. The purpose of selecting ultra-five UTP cables is to prepare for the voice and data exchange in the future. A 75Ωcoaxial cable will be laid connecting the CATV TV socket in the leadership offices and conference rooms to floor TV branching equipment. A video coaxial cable will be laid connecting video surveillance cameras installed on each floor and lobby to the control center on the second floor. In addition, a 2-core control cable is installed to control head movement and lens zoom.
Ceilings are installed in all rooms in this building, so that the cables used in each system of the horizontal subsystem can be uniformly worn in a PVC pipe and laid in the ceiling. Cables in each room are arranged through corridor ceiling to floor distribution room or vertical shaft pipe. The sectional area of the cables laid in the PVC pipeline should only account for 70% of the sectional area of the PVC pipe, which reserves some space for the future line expansion. The PVC tube in the room is embedded in the wall and connected to the bottom box installed on the wall.
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