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Example sharing -----A office building of a certain Procuratorate (5-2)

  • 2018-02-28
It stands as the the next part of the last article ”Example sharing of the design method of integrated wiring------A office building of a certain Procuratorate (5-1)”. I hope you can read this chapter with more care, for it is the most important chapter.
Among its five parts, the design of backbone subsystem will be the second part about which we will together talk today.
Located at the distribution room or the telecommunication room, the management subsystem stands as not only the place where cables of horizontal system terminate, but also the place where cables of trunk system terminate, mainly reflecting the flexibility and manageability of the integrated cabling system. The management subsystem consists of building main distributing frame of building, floor distributing frame, wire jumper and other parts. Cable routing can be set and changed by changing, adding, and transferring cables in the management subsystem
In fact, the separation of two networks is realized in the management subsystem. Connecting ports on the grid to different switches by using wire jumpers is equivalent to connect computers which are connected to the corresponding information sockets to different networks.
Floor distribution frames and twisted-pair jumpers shall be of the same manufacturer, same standard, and same type of unshielded wiring products as horizontal wiring; The cable distribution frame and cable jumper shall be of the same manufacturer, standard and model as the vertical trunk wiring.
According to the distribution of information points of the office building of the people's Procuratorate, there exists a floor distribution room on the 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 floors. A 20u landing cabinet shall be installed in the distribution room, and two 100-megabit Ethernet switches with 24 ports shall be installed in the cabinet to connect two different network systems. Two IBDN 24 port modular data distribution frames are installed in the cabinet to connect two different network system information points. In order to facilitate the management of cables, two IBDN cabinets shall be installed in the cabinets to organize and fix the jumpers. A fiber distribution box shall also be installed below the cabinet to terminate two main 6-core optical cables. A 50-wire IBDN BIX distribution rack shall be installed on the wall in the distribution room to terminate the UTP cables placed from rooms on each floor to the distribution room. The BIX distribution frame will eventually transfer telephone lines in each room to three types of large logarithmic trunk cables, which will be terminated with the BIX wiring system in the equipment room . Please stay tuned. This article comes from Jiangsu Hansor Cable Technology Co., Ltd., Please reprint with the source indicated!
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